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Revolutionizing the industry one brush at a time


Founded in 2019 by Alex Towns, The Flawless Brush started as a mother-daughter project to help save money on brushes and sponges. It quickly became popular as the entire neighborhood started demanding brushes for themselves. The rest is history. We’re obsessed with our brushes and we want the world to experience them. 

We have used "premium" brushes, tested them side-by-side with the Flawless Brush and the results are always the same: There is no single brush or sponge that has precision while still applying a seamless layer like the Flawless Brush. We also believe in ethical, cruelty free products and we strive to protect the Earth in every way possible. All of our products are ethically sourced and cruelty free 

Alex M. Towns

CEO of The Flawless Brush

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